Articles on climate change and psychology


Meaning It interview

Breakfast Talk with Pat & George

Excerpt from Culture Crisis chapter in Depth Psychology and Climate Change: the Green Book

Tipping Points and the Pre-sense of the Future

How can we face into the tragedy of our predicament and sense unthought possibilities?

Defiant Earth Reviews

A fascinating, deep and powerful book written by an author who has been pondering the fate of our planet for over two decades

Cultural Repair

Exploring how to work with unconscious processes outside of the consulting room

Denial review

Review of the Film Denial (Feb 2017)

Hungry ghosts

Psychotherapy, control and winds of homecoming (Self & Society 2014)

Radical hope

Article on Jonathon Lear’s catastrophe ethics (The Psychotherapist 2016)

Wellbeing of misfortune

Exploring what happens psychologically if we were to accept a climate catastrophe