Remorse, Re-storying & Re-enchantment: Lifting the veil that divides

As the ecological mesh that holds us, falls apart,
As the animals leave us,
As our hearts grow heavy with grief,
As the trance that has bound us to this world unravels,
What then?

This evening begins with a silent walking meditation to attune us a deeper receptivity to the living wood. We call on those others, the more-than-human, to support us in becoming midwives of the imaginal.

This day is for those:

We will draw on the power of ritual, deep listening, re-storying to clear a space between, behind and beyond us where both remorse for losses and what is calling us can be constellated. Acknowledging the destructive and creative history of our species and attuning to what the other-than-human ‘say’ to us, we look to a reparative engagement with new stories; stories that can bring solace to our wounded hearts and seeds for reparation.

The date: Friday 22 June 2018
The place: Queens Wood, Highgate London N.10
The time: 8pm till midnight Facilitators: Sarah Deco, Katarina Gadjanski, Mario Jerome, Sophia Neville, Chris Robertson
Fee: None. We ask you to make a donation to the Climate Psychology Alliance

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