The Presence of the Future: reconnecting to our Other nature

Wild red fox

The Anguish of Loss and Midwifing the Imaginal

The probability of ecological collapse coming within our lifetimes is now almost inevitable. This will bring with it a jagged disruption of our stable known world as well as a social collapse of a kind it is difficult to foresee. In these dangerous times, how can we both attend to the tragic and open to the powers that our human species seem to have forgotten? The forlorn sense of abandonment, of being lost and heartbroken can feel too much to bear. It is not just that we have gone out of our mind – it is our senses that we have forsaken.

This workshop will support our asking for help from the other-than-human, our other nature, to recover a lost attunement. It will involve both a letting go, through grieving the losses and a letting come through a midwifing of the imaginal. This letting come is a radical receptivity that can reconnect us with the elemental powers from which we are estranged. The potential for revival, reawakening, rebirth and resilience come through giving a place to the tragic; to retrieve our smile at the sweetness of life amidst the tragedy.

The process of sensing the presence of an emergent future will engage our whole being through embodiment, grieving, ritual, imagination, story telling and poetry along with the humour, foolishness and play of conviviality.

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