Cometh the Moment

When malignant normality and collective denial fail

Fire Storm

Not the heroic Cometh the hour, cometh the man but how to be present in the face of looming catastrophe? How to stay open when collective anxiety compresses the space?
It is perhaps only an unravelling world on the brink of disaster and in need of radical repair that can awaken a re-visioning and heartfelt determination to heal. Between heroic rescue and doom-laden despair, there is a third place in which terrifying feelings and apparently toxic emotions can have a place, can be heard.

Rather than attempting to prevent a collective falling apart, we see the challenge as:
accepting catastrophe
releasing defences
seeing through the darkness
trusting in a wider intelligence

This workshop, following that of Remorse and Re-storying, seeks to open a space in the woods in which we can seek guidance from the other-than-human as to how to bear the pain, grief and loss of a coming storm. We will attend to that which the storm cannot take from us. As Kabir says Something inside me has reached to the place Where the world is breathing. The flags we cannot see are flying there.

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