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Breakfast talk with Pat & George

Pat: I’m dying

George reading the paper not responding

Pat: I’m dying

George: You’re what dear?

Pat: I’m dying

George: You’re dying to what? To go shopping?

Pat (a bitter tone entering): No, I am dying

George (a little concerned and looking up): Have you been to the doctor?

Pat: There’s no cure and anyway I can’t get an appointment.

George: Did you try NHS direct?

Pat: Yes

George: what did they say?

Pat: It is environmental melancholic solastalgia

George (worried, confused): Is that bad?

Pat: yes it’s fatal. Death is the only cure.

George (nonplussed): Is it passed on through personal contact?

Pat: Then you’d be OK! No it passes through thought.

George: Through thought?

Pat: yes even though the news.

George: Surely not the Guardian!

Pat: Yes, even the Guardian does not protect you. Did you read about the threats to biodiversity? It is heartbreaking. I feel sick to death that we carry on as normal.

George: Silent, crestfallen.

Pat: Don’t worry George, you’re immune.

George: Maybe we ought to go shopping….

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