Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson

I have been a psychotherapist and trainer since 1978. Before that I studied meditation while in India for nine months (1969) and on return trained as a school teacher (1971-73). On qualifying I worked with troubled adolescents in comprehensive schools whose challenge took me to my own therapy. I attended many humanistic groups in the early 1970s and went on to study child psychotherapy (1973-75), psychosynthesis (1975-78) and family therapy (1980-82). Since reading Hillman’s Revisioning Psychology, I consider myself to be a student of archetypal psychology and attempt to put soulmaking into practice. Another major influence is David Abram who manages to write how I only dream (Becoming Animal & The Spell of the Sensuous)

In 1988 I co-founded ReVision (http://www.re-vision.org.uk), an integrative psychotherapy training with soulful perspective from which I retired in 2018. During 2010 I initiated an ecopsychology six-month course with Mary-Jayne Rust. During 2012 I was part of the Welfare group of psychotherapists attempting to support the Occupy movement. Later that year I joined the Climate Psychology Alliance and became chair from 2018 -2020. After forty-five years I have now retired from working with clients and am focusing on bringing psychotherapeutic perspectives and skills to cultural interventions.